Kugel Is Evil! EVIL! (osnadurtha) wrote in can_u_relate,
Kugel Is Evil! EVIL!

can u relate?

okay so....
today I saw the third and sucky matrix.
the ending sucked.
in case no one here has seen it yet, I'm going to mention ANYTHING.
and on top of that, someone stole my purse.
I just finished watching, for the first time, Fight Club.
Such a great f'in movie! ahhhh!

that really cheered me up....
it's a GREAT movie.
I see a lousy movie... and my purse is stolen.
my husband was calm about my purse being stolen and that REALLY helped.
I can always count on him! (I love you baby!(


Fight Club made me feel a shit load better! F**k! What a great darned movie!

"if you wake up at a different time and a different place, would you wake up as a different person?"
-fight club

--Jenna :)

P.s. (we called both credit card companies, they cancelled the cards, no one made purchases on it anyway, and i'm going to the DMV first thing monday morning, so everything's okay!)
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