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Hi everybody, my name is Duc Nguyen, 21, my first time posting here, and it would be greatly appreciated if you can put your 2 cents in the matter.  To break it down to it's shortest description, this guy is gossiping about my g/f, and this entry addresses my issues with this guy name Al.

Forewarning: it is pretty long.



    You're probably wondering why I'm sending you an email. Well some things have been bothering me for a really long time now and I think it's time to get it all out and tell you the truth.  I know you and other people talk about how I'm antisocial and shit. Did you think I was stupid and didn't know? That's the good thing about not talking a lot, You hear and see a lot that goes on around you.  Anyway, I just wanted to let you know why I don't talk or hang out with you anymore.  Not to be too blunt but I just dont like you anymore as a friend or person. All you do is gossip about people to Janice and God knows who else.  It seems that you just can not grow out of high school drama and always need to talk about other people's problems and shit to keep yourself occupied.  I don't want to be associated with someone who does that stuff.  And yes I know i talk to my boyfriend on the phone most of the time, but you have to understand that he lives in Canada and it's not like I get to see him everyday or even every month. If I'm lucky I get to see him every 6 months or so and talking on the phone is the only way we can feel close to eachother even though we live a million miles apart, and it's whats keeping our relationship together. He is the person I'm going to spend the rest of my life with, and I'm not going to sacrifice talking to him for anything. But of course you probably dont know what its like to be in love or to care about someone so much it hurts when your not together. And who the hell are you or anyone else to say that I'm not having fun. Just for your information I have made friends and I do have fun it just doesnt include you and I guess that bothers you. You arent with me 24/7 so how can you say I'm antisocial. Just because I don't talk to you doesn't mean I don't talk to anyone else. you are not the center of the universe and everything does not have to happen around you all the time.  Also, it really pisses me off about the whole Al's angel thing and how you and certain people took it upon yourselves to say who are "true" angels and who shouldn't be in the group. For your information Kim Westerhouse and Teresa have been there for you throughout high school and were always supporting you through whatever you did.  Now you say they were never really in the group just because you've become better  friends with people who never liked them, so of course you have to turn your back on the people who always cared about you and agree with the people who don't like them.  Now who's the one forgetting about their real friends. It's all about loyalty and you have never been a loyal friend. I could never figure you out, not even in high school. You're friends with someone to their face and then go behind their back and talk about how annoying and shit they are. I could never figure out who you were friends with and who you didn't like. You have always been like that, so I'm not gonna be like you and pretend one thing and mean another like you do. I'm telling you straight up how it is and if you don't like it, fine. I know that your gonna go telling people about this letter but I don't really care. Actually I want you to tell people what I said and how I feel. Maybe they can finally get it through their brain that I'm not an invalid just because I stay in my dorm a lot and talk to my boyfriend. I am very happy here at UCF, happier then some people right now. At least I dont cry myself to sleep at night, is that what you would call happy? I dont think so.  I have everything in the world I need: the love of my life, my best friends, my family, friends back home whom I know I can count on and who got my back ,and I'm working torward my career and dreams. I don't care if you show this to everyone yo know because I have nothing to hide and I'm not ashamed of anything.  this is the last time I will be talking to u so I hope you have a great life and I wish you the best of luck in everything.


 ~Alicia Barton~  EMAIL TO AL


I'm gonna make this short because you have some gall to type half of the stuff that you did.  When it comes to Teresa and Kim Westerhouse...you have no right to ever say that I never respected them.  I was never really close to Teresa, Westerhouse and i never had a problem. 

And where did you get the comment about me making the Angel's "exclusive."  Get the facts straight before you make comments like that bc u dont know shit.

And let me just leave you with a last thought.  Actually, Martin Luther King, Jr. said it best, so on
behalf of the man...."Free at last...Free at last...Thank God Almighty...I'm free at last!"

Oh and do yourself a favor...pat yourself on the back for helping me to rid my life of you.  There is a God!



The above is a starting point to what this entry will reflect upon.  It was copied and pasted in it’s entirety with no amendment or correction.  I want it to be in it to be in its original state.  To be fair, I displayed both original emails.


First and foremost I want to state that no one pressured me to do this.  This is a choice of my doing, and I have always wanted to do it for the longest time, but it was not possible at the time because Alicia initially told me to let it go and don’t be bothered by it since it is not my problem.  How is a boyfriend supposed to react?  So I agreed with her only because she wanted it.  Enough is enough, and it is about time that it gets out in the open.


I find it ridiculous and stupid when people say “oh I hate this person with red-hair and blue eyes and she’s a bitch”.  I hate the idea of censorship or some pussy-care bear-ish euphemism.  There is no ambiguity and don’t you worry, I’ll put down names if I am referring to people and such.  


For those of you who really know me, you will know that I am a person that is open and direct. Most of the time I am happy and optimistic, and I try to be as fair as I can be.   If I have a beef with you, I would confront you about it and we’ll find a way to resolve the issue.  I will not be a pussy and talk behind your back nor will I blast you on an outlet where I know for sure you will never find out.  I don’t believe in the concept of backstabbing.  If someone is to stab me, I would like them to have the proper etiquette to stab me in the fucking front where I can see who is the mutha fucka doing it.  With that said; if you have something to say—say it to me.  Don’t be a dick and put it in your livejournal entry or as a comment in another person’s entry and not have balls to actually write it to me and notify me about the said comment.  Don’t be talking smack behind my back—I am giving you the invitation to start the dialogue with me.  If you are to post a comment on this entry, don’t put it as an anonymous person.  I will tell you right now, I will delete all anonymous comment—whether it is in my favour or not—I don’t like the fact that you are hiding behind something just so that you can save yourself the privilege of no one responding because they don’t know who you are.  If you can dish it, you should be able to deal with the repercussion and ramification as a result.  No anonymous comment because there is no need for a mask to protect you.  It also signifies that you are chicken shit and have something to hide, and if you have something to hide, then don’t post at all.  Keep it with yourself, and that way you can save face.  With all that being said, JORGE ALEJANDRO FUENTES (“Al”), I have some fucking beef with you.  Beyond the scope of that, I fucking hate you for hurting my girlfriend.  Everything about you and your character disgusts me because in my opinion I think you’re a fucking egotistical, stupid (or minimally exceptional if you like the euphemistic language), ugly (or severe appearance deficit), drunk-with-power super pussy for doing what you did.  Oh don’t worry Al, there will be rational and objective arguments within the body of this entry.  We’re still in the preamble stage to outline the evidence, methodology, thoughts and opinion.



I did everything in my power to make certain that you would be alerted of this entry.  I posted this entry as a comment to the most recent entry of the all the individuals that we both mutually know.  I also posted this as a comment in your most recent entry.  This is posted on my livejournal.  I also posted it in communities for the third party opinions, that way it is non-bias.  I also emailed this to my friends (all across the globe) who should know what my current state is.  There is no secrecy and it is very out in the open now on an international level.  No selective picking; no exclusive privileges; no pussy-like behaviour; and no bullshit euphemism.  I’m sorry that I have to do it this way. I personally would love to confront you about it in person, but that is not possible due to the circumstances.  It’s a shame that you live in Florida and I live in Toronto.


For those of you, who will respond to this, please don’t be blasting any of my friends or girlfriend or anyone for that matter (eg John is a fucking idiot, Samantha is a bitch and can go suck my dick, etc.). I wrote it so please have the decency to address me, the writer of this entry.  Well…Al you have special privileges, you can blast me because this is an entry entirely dedicated to you and so you deserve a chance to defend yourself.  While doing so, you can be a real man and do it yourself.  Don’t have another woman to be fighting your battle and don’t take credit for someone else’s work.  Step up and be a man and deal with your shit already.  Don’t you think it’s about time?


You enjoy talking about my girlfriend behind her back? You get a kick knowing that you and a bunch of other individuals are talking about a person who is oblivious of the fact that a bunch of people is picking on her?  Does that give you a sense of power and control?  Tell me Al…you fucking tell me what is so honourable about picking on the weak and vulnerable.  You didn’t even have the decency to tell her what you’re thinking.     “And who the hell are you or anyone else to say that I'm not having fun. Just for your information I have made friends and I do have fun it just doesnt include you and I guess that bothers you. You arent with me 24/7 so how can you say I'm antisocial. Just because I don't talk to you doesn't mean I don't talk to anyone else.”  So is Alicia wrong in saying that you thought she had no friends and is not having fun??  Did she misinterpret her information and that you and other people aren’t saying this?  If this is so, I guess it would be impossible to find people to vouch for your side saying “no I didn’t say that about Alicia”.  You didn’t address this in your response, so through deductive reasoning, I would say it is fucking fair to say that it is admittance to the fact.  For those of you who are talking about my g/f or me behind our backs…I hope you’re proud of what you’re doing.  Keep doing so if this is the thing that makes you happy.  I wouldn’t want to be a prick and disrupt your joyous celebration.  While you’re at it, go get yourself a bunch of those tabloids…hey, if it’s in the paper it surely must be right since it can be published?  Tabloids are for entertainment value.  My girlfriend finding out some of her ‘friends’ are talking about her in a negative response…tears swelling in her eyes because of the savagery and sense of betrayal…that is NOT entertainment value.  I would understand harmless gossiping and everything…it happens…but gossip with the purpose of defamation to one’s character …that is just wrong and hurtful.  Statements like “you have no friends” or “you’re antisocial” or “you’re not having fun” should be substantiated with a good degree of certainty—Speculation does not count, you ignorant fuck.  If you are concern for a friend, you address it to the friend and not among fellow gossipers.  What are you trying to prove…oh you have good intentions?  Have you ever thought of talking to the person that is supposedly the lonely girl so you can find ways to help her?   What good comes out from saying those remarks behind her back?  What are you trying to convey in that circumstance?  Out of the goodness of your heart you were worried for your friend, but you thought it best to just talk behind her back, and maybe she’ll wise up?  I’ll give you credit for your good intention (if that happens to be the case) because I don’t want to be rude to deteriorate your well built and sculpted moral and ethical standards. Get a fucking life and stop it with the ‘he said/she said’ bullshit. 


I want to address the emails that are given in the beginning.  In your response, allegedly written by you, is very poor as a response.  You make it sound as if it’s short and sweet, when in fact it’s short and uninformative.  You bullshitting like you bullshitting a professor hoping he is not able to distinguish what a real argument is. 


You know what I’ve noticed in your response—NOTHING.  You didn’t actually respond to anything written to you.  You slightly got to the Angel issue with Kim and Teresa…but not really.  Why don’t you tell everybody the truth Al?  Why were these two individuals excluded from the party held over the winter holiday?  Don’t give me some pathetic excuse like “oh we all thought they hated us”.  That’s BULLSHIT and you know it.  Even if it was your real reason, if you put it in perspective, they were just thoughts.  So you have a couple of speculations and assumptions, and ergo, those two should be excluded from the party?  What…were you afraid they would cause a ruckus and kick your ass in front of all your female friends?  You’ve known Kim for how long now.  I believe since grade 1 and throughout the years you two have been through a lot.  “Westerhouse and i never had a problem.”  Do you think it would be the same if you told her why you, her friend since grade 1, did not want her to come to a house party full of Angels, and I believe she was an Angel at the material time?  Maybe you two are cool because you don’t share with her all the information that has to do with her.  Gossiping is your specialty after all and sharing …*gasp*…god forbid…that would go against all the rules in accordance to the sacred book of Gossip.


“…where did you get the comment about me making the Angel's "exclusive."  Get the facts straight before you make comments like that bc u dont know shit.”   Enlighten me Al, so what are the particulars to get into your nifty club huh?  I would also like to know the origin of the club as well…how was it started?  I remember one version of the origin at the winter holiday party…but yet from others I’ve heard differently.  Since this ‘Al’s Angel’ club is in your name and all…you should know the origin.  So there is no exclusivity in your club Al?  …but wait a bloody minute you self contradicting prick…I thought it was understood that only certain people can come to the winter holiday party.  Wasn’t there a formation of a list of some sort?  Please correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m pretty sure there was a screening process of who is invited and not.


…a dictionary defines ‘exclusive’ as ‘excluding much or all; especially all but a particular group or minority’…so I guess you weren’t doing that, right?


"Free at last...Free at last...Thank God Almighty...I'm free at last!" How dare you use the quote of Martin Luther King, Jr. to fit your email as a tool of mockery!!!  Do you know the significance behind those lines?  Do you know where it came from?  It was a part of his “I have a dream” address in Washington.  Here is a great man that sacrificed so much for humanity.  He spent his whole life making sure that proper equity is among everyone whether they be black, white, yellow, red or whatever.  He was a pivotal figure in the Civil Rights Movement, and here you are making a mockery of that line.  He said those lines as a memorable ending to his speech about how the blacks are unfairly treated and how there should be a radical change in the system.  That very same address was about how he wanted peace among the whites and blacks in America.  Yet…here you are to break down his lines as if it was meant to be a joke to fit perfectly in your sick and twisted propaganda.  I’m glad you found it funny as you wrote it down…maybe it would make you feel better knowing that it is those words that are on his gravestone.  Are you laughing yet Al, can you feel the comical senses surging in your body?  What I want to know is why out of all quotes did you pick this particular one?  Is it that you found the funny irony of how my girlfriend has a black background and it is the words of a fellow strong black person that fits your email so perfectly?  Are you laughing now?  Are your fellow gossipers laughing with you as you showed them that line?


I said what I have to say and to let you know, besides this entry I will never speak of you again in my livejournal.  I’m done with you.  As long as you leave me and my girlfriend alone, we can all pretend to deny the existence of one another.  Just as long as you keep the peace, so shall I.  You can keep on your gossiping if it makes you happy, but you should make sure that it doesn’t come back to my girlfriend and me.  I am prepared for your response to this entry, but when you do respond to it, go to my livejournal and respond there, don’t clog up the space of other people. The only reason why I spread this entry all around is so that you would be alert of it. 


For all the people in the Community, it would be greatly appreciated that if you want to comment, you would go to my livejournal to make the comment.


For all my friends who got this as an email, if you have a livejournal account, you can go to my account and respond there.  For the ones that do not have a livejournal account, you can email me back your comment, and if you want it to be included as a comment, I would happily do it for you, just as long as I get your permission.  Don’t worry; I’ll acknowledge the viewers where the comment is coming from.


Last but not least, for the people who are the fellow gossipers with Al, you may also respond, but in my livejournal please.  You know what, I encourage it.  You may give me your 2 cent on the matter and we can all have a civil dialogue.  It is about time that you guys come out of your safety net and justify why you talk behind a person’s back in a cruel and defamatory manner.  I’ve been dying to know who you people are so I can fit a face to a name.  Come out in the open and let us know who you are.  No more hiding, and if you have things to say, I encourage it and it will be greatly anticipated.


To all the people involved, don’t give me the bullshit on how I am not a credible person to say all of this because I’m not part of the crew or I don’t know what really happened.  That’s an excuse to explain why they shouldn’t provide a legitimate response and a grade 3 technique of pointing fingers and we’re all mature adults here.  I’m treating you like an intelligent adult, and so I think I deserve the same response. 


So Al, the ball is in your corner…what now huh?  I would LOVE to hear your reasons and justifications in all the issues I have raised above.  There were plenty of them and so you shouldn’t have a hard time writing a well written response.  Give me something of substance and be a man and say it to me…not to person X who tells the brother of person Y who slips it to me.  You just fucking tell me…I’m right here, so what are you waiting for?


if there are errors and you see scripts and stuff, I apologize, and I hope you still get the message behind it.  If not, I would gladly help you out in the section that is particularly difficult to read b/c of the errors.

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