Duc Nguyen (duncan1228) wrote in can_u_relate,
Duc Nguyen

Hi everybody, I have a problem and I hope you can help me with any advice or comments or whatever.

I have been with my girlfriend for 9 months and counting. It is a wonderful relationship and I am eternally grateful to be blessed with her. There is a reoccurring issue though. She has trouble trusting people, and she is not always open to say everything. She is the type of person that would keep it inside. She has been through a whole lot of shit, and most of the problems consist of guys using her and so her lack of trust is understandable.

I am trying my best to be a good boyfriend, but at times I don’t know what to do. I have done nothing in the past 9 months to even make her question my feelings for her. She knows I love her unconditionally and I would never stop loving her. She knows trusting people are a problem for her, and I want to help her get through this problem.

I believe Trust is a very important pillar in a relationship, and I want to confront this problem before it escalates to something greater.

So does anybody have any advice or how to proceed?? Your help is greatly appreciated.
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