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Can You Relate?

Can you relate?
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This community was created for people with everyday ordinary (though maybe not so ordinary in your opinion) problems. Everyone knows that when your dealing with life long problems (maybe life itself?), or just having a bad day that makes you want to rant/bitch/moan/throw yourself off a bridge, it helps when you have someone around to rant/bitch/moan to, or in the latter case, be ready to catch you when you jump.

That is what this community is for. We want to be there when you rant/bitch/moan, and we'll be ready to catch you if you ever happen to fall. We want to make friends, and we want to help.

We also hope to relate, though. Whether it’s a big problem or a small one, there's usually someone out there who's going through the same thing, or has already gone through it, and can give some good advice. We just hope that you listen. :)


1) After joining it would be nice if you would introduce yourself, just so we know your there. Include your name, how old you are, and anything else you think we should know about you. If you want to stay in lurkdom, though, that's okay.

2) No bashing other people and their problems. People come here for support, not to have people commenting on how lame their problems are, and how they should be able to solve it by themselves. Problems are problems, and we'd like to help. BASHING OR HARASSMENT OF ANY KIND WILL GET YOU BANNED.

3) Please be polite. I don't mind swearing, but when it's directed at another person in this community we have a problem. Please discuss your disagreements outside of the community (though I'd prefer they didn't start here, either).

4) Your allowed to post poetry, and the occasional fic if you feel like it, but this isn't a place for you to advertise your fan fiction, that's not the way it works. No community advertising, either.

5) If your going to post pictures (and if you feel like it, by all means do), please try to put them, and really long posts behind a LJ CUT. It just makes reading everything easier, and make the community look a lot less cluttered. If you don't know how to do a LJ CUT, check this out: http://www.livejournal.com/support/faqbrowse.bml?faqid=75

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